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Welcome to the nonstop flow of the dynamic legend with the colourful sound and endless energy!
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That feeling when we share the good vibes!

Welcome to the nonstop flow of the dynamic legend with the colourful sound and endless energy! 

La Fuente has got ‘the feel good factor’ written all over him. Unique in style and original in sound. House music at it's best – Uplifting, energetic and smile-inducing. A big nonstop hype with a virtually unparalleled energetic stage performance. Always bringing that good vibe and ‘tearing the roof off’! 

The mission: Move the crowd and create unforgettable moments by sharing inexhaustible energy and exceed expectations. At the end, things end but memories last forever.

By the way: “My fans are my friends who get treated like family!”

About La Fuente

Born and raised in The Netherlands, La Fuente learned about electronic music at an early age. After dozens of national gigs, he started touring in other countries too. Now, after performing and entertaining for more than 15 years on national and international stages, La Fuente breeds a very passionate following and his gig list stretches almost the whole planet.

Last year La Fuente pushed his limits. With 350 shows he traveled the world and left behind a great trail of club and festival sets that have captured the hearts and souls of the fans. During the festival season this summer he did 90 show and took 60 flights in 65 days. People in almost every global territory like Europe, US, Asia and South America were amongst the lucky people that experienced his energetic performances.

Music is not to hear, it is to feel

La Fuente has a very unique sound: House music at it's best – Uplifting, energetic and smile-inducing. His excellent knowledge about the current wave of dance music, his fearless attitude when it comes to experimenting with new records and mixing styles way before his competition does has definitely paid off! This DJ is a true artist, always bringing an amazing vibe to the stage and tearing the roof apart every single time – this might explain why promoters all over the world love him so much and fans call him the feel good factor.

Studio successes

La Fuente has proven to be an accomplished producer to the experts and DJ colleagues over and over again.

His records are described as ‘they were created for maximum dance floor impact.’ His hit 'Bang Bang', which was released on Laidback Luke's Mixmash imprint, has become a true classic.

Another successfull release out of La Fuente’s kitchen, called Dounia (signed to Spinnin' Records), received early support from every player in the game and his tune 'Fancy Fair' (DOORN records) jammed it's way up to the top 10 position in the Beatport Chart.

Add 'Buzzing' (signed to MixMash), ‘Matador’ (Spinnin) and ‘Outlaw’ (Oxygen), to that list and spice it up with the international hits, ‘Selecta’ (Spinnin), ‘House Detective’ (DOORN Records), STICKUP (WALLRecordings) and “4000” (HEXAGON) and VIBE magazine naming La Fuente as the Artists You Should Listen To (Right Now!)'

La Fuente’s list of achievements accumulates. New releases are scheduled on HEXAGON, Spinnin Records, Source and more. This born perfectionist is working on rapidly expanding his discography between appearing at the major festivals, alongside countless arena and exclusive club shows around the globe.

Full Colour’ speaks all languages

With La Fuente's radioshow 'Full Colour', that airs monthly, the versatile DJ explores his creativity by picking a colour to use as basis for the show's vibe. Every show brings another colour and mood. Additionally, the Full Colour podcast has earned a solid spot in the Itunes Top 10 every month.

The future still remains

Yet even as the achievements and accolades stack up, La Fuente can’t stop looking forward to the next party, the newest tunes and the good times still to come. With new releases scheduled on HEXAGON, Spinnin Records, Source and gigs scheduled at the most wanted stages, La Fuente’s future looks brighter than ever! 


24 August 2017 Fontys Purple Festival Eindhoven, Nederland
25 August 2017 Closing Party of SIRAVA 2017 Kaluža, Slovakia
26 August 2017 Hometown Festival Maasland, Netherlands
26 August 2017 Paperclip Festival Eersel, Netherlands
26 August 2017 Volksfeest Winterswijk Winterswijk, Netherlands
27 August 2017 METZ Rockanje Rockanje, Nederland
29 August 2017 Amersfoortse Introductie Dag Amersfoort, Netherlands
31 August 2017 HAN intro Nijmegen Nijmegen, Netherlands
31 August 2017 Arnhem Intro Festival Arnhem, Netherlands
02 September 2017 Pleasure Island Zaandam, Nederland
02 September 2017 7EAVEN Alphen aan den Rijn, Netherlands
02 September 2017 Dreamvillage Festival Breda, Nederland
02 September 2017 Sins of Ibiza Hengelo, Netherlands
03 September 2017 Dutchweek @ The Beach Zandvoort, Netherlands
06 September 2017 ROOF! Ibiza S'Argamassa, Spain
09 September 2017 Ventureland Woudenberg, Nederland
09 September 2017 Holi Fusion Maastricht, Netherlands
10 September 2017 Morgen! Zevenhuizen, Netherlands
15 September 2017 Birthday Bash Dordrecht, Nederland
15 September 2017 Festival van de Toekomst Heerlen, Netherlands
16 September 2017 Summerlake Festival Woerden, Netherlands
16 September 2017 Kingz Outdoor Kermis Gemert, Netherlands
17 September 2017 Sundaypeople invites La Fuente Arnhem, Netherlands
19 September 2017 Beachclub Sunrise Best, Nederland
21 September 2017 Beachclub Sunrise Best, Nederland
22 September 2017 Friends on Friday XL Dordrecht, Netherlands
23 September 2017 Dear Future Tilburg, Netherlands
23 September 2017 Boode Bathmen, Nederland
30 September 2017 Kermis Vessem Vessem, Netherlands
07 October 2017 Latin Lovers Amsterdam , Nederland
07 October 2017 Next feel the sound Breda, Nederland
20 October 2017 Slam! Mixmarathon Amsterdam-Zuidoost, Netherlands